Sunday, January 26, 2014

K & S Wedding

I got to do my first "official" wedding hair yesterday morning. (I've done a few bridesmaids and flower girls in the past.) The bride was an longtime friend, and it was really special to be able to do her hair, as well as one of the bridesmaids, another good friend. Of course, I was so busy running around and doing wedding stuff that I didn't get many pictures. ;)

Since bridal and special occasion hair is something I'm hoping to do a lot of in my cosmetology career, this was a great start. I'm looking forward to this upcoming weekend... another wedding, where I get to do some bridesmaids!


Joanna Webber said...

Fantastic! If there is a professional photographer at the wedding you should give them your business card/email and ask for some of their pictures of the hair. They should be more than willing because it helps them out too.

Amanda Flynn said...

Joanna - Thanks for the suggestion! :)

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