Friday, January 24, 2014

Best Hair at the 2014 Golden Globes

2013 was a great year in hair, and the new year is off to an equally good start, with some particular standouts at the 2014 Golden Globe Awards. The red carpet showcased many leading ladies sporting fabulous "dos," and here's my favorites.

Best Updo: Amber Heard. 
  • Volume in hairstyling is coming back, and what better way to utilize it than in this "Gibson girl" inspired updo?
Best Braids: Sarah Hyland
  • A crown of braids brings one of the biggest trends of the past year to the forefront, and adds sweetness to the young star's hairstyle.

Best [blonde] Bobs: Reese Witherson & Caitlin Fitzgerald
  • It seems that there's been a flapper resurgence, considering the amount of bobs that have been on display. Reese's asymmetrical design, with a side bang, suits her perfectly, and Caitlin's soft, slightly waved style is immaculate.

Best Ombre [and pregnancy hair!]: Olivia Wilde
  • Olivia's cascading locks fade from light brown to burnished gold in this soft ombre. I know how to do this in the salon now, if you're looking to try something new! :)
Best Bangs: Heidi Klum
  • The Farrah Fawcett look is coming back people, so get ready! Thick, eyelash-grazing bangs are definitely going to make some noise this year.

Which hairstyles were your favorites at the Globes this year?

This is the first in a series of multiple posts showcasing the best hair and beauty looks from the 2014 awards circuit. Keep a lookout for styles from the SAG and Critic's Choice Awards soon!

Images: Look UK


Ella said...

Olivia Wilde was hands down my favorite of these. Man she looked amazing and flawless =D

Amanda Flynn said...

Ella - I agree! She's got the "pregnancy glow." ;)

Lauren said...

I'm super excited for your new site Amanda! Good luck in your new venture! I loved Zooey Deschanel's hair and makeup at the Golden Globes, but I'm also totally digging Caitlin Fitzgerald's look here.

Amanda Flynn said...

Lauren - Thanks for stopping by! I agree, Zooey was adorable. She always is. :)

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