Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Welcome to FlyGirl!

I've created this web site as a companion to my beginning career as a professional cosmetologist, to help build my business, and provide lots of inspiration for my clients, friends, and online readers. I'll be sharing photos of my own work in cosmetology (and hopefully some tutorials down the road), photographs and links to hair and beauty resources, current and celebrity trends, organic health and beauty options, and also helpful articles and ideas on eating well, exercising, and taking the best care of your body. I think it's important that all of these things work together in harmony, so you can be the ultimate super FlyGirl.

Please feel free to leave comments, tell me about yourself and your own style, health and beauty journey, hint at what you'd like to see here on the blog, and just have fun! I can't wait to meet you here, and hopefully in person, as I begin to build a family of clients and am able to provide you with the best services and beauty support.

(I'm also on the lookout for a great FlyGirl tagline. Suggestions are welcome, and hopefully I'll have some up for voting soon! :)

Most of the pages in the navigation are empty at this time, but hopefully they'll soon be filled with oodles of inspiration. For starters, check out the ABOUT page to learn more about this site's purpose, and visit my long-time style blog, AmandaBeth, which I've been running since 2008, to get to know me a little bit.

It's time for FlyGirls everywhere to unite! 

-Amanda Beth Flynn


Betsy said...

I look forward to following this blog. I love your fashion blog I love your style. I'm planing on going to cosmetology school as well in the next few years.

Amanda Flynn said...

Betsy - That's fabulous! Good luck! I hope you'll stick around and ask any questions... I'd love to help! :)

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