Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Best Hair at the 2014 Critics Choice and Screen Actors Guild Awards

There was one name at the 2014 Critics Choice Awards when it came to the perfect package: Jessica Chastain. She had all the pieces to the puzzle... a beautiful and unique hairstyle, fresh and complementary makeup, and of course a killer gown to top it all off.

Jessica's simple, yet elegant hairstyle was created with a few tight french braids, twisted and pinned behind her left ear. I loved how the earrings complemented the sweetness of the design.

At the 2014 Screen Actor's guild awards there were multiple standouts, with the crown going to another redhead, Amy Adams. She sported a structured, retro gown and enhanced it with beautifully waved hair, pinned at the nape in a roll. Vintage glamour at its finest.

Really, what more can be said about Jennifer Lawrence? She rocked her famous pixie cut, and looked unfussy and mature with it swept off to the side. Sometimes simple looks can make the most impact.

While Natalie Dormer's edgy style is not for everyone, I thought she totally pulled it off. Half of her head was shaved for her upcoming Hunger Games role, and she used the new look to make a statement on the red carpet.

Hannah Simone's twisted, lifted, and still-soft updo added the perfect touch to her look. It's an easy and sophisticated style that would be perfect for weddings, formal events, or just summertime parties. Gotta love her bangs, too.

I'll be posting more hair inspirations once the Oscars roll around... stay tuned!

Images: HJi, Our Vanity, Style Bistro, Pure People, Celeb Mafia, Cosmopolitan


Hannah said...

I like Jessica's hair style but I don't think you should do it with thin hair, it makes it look tight and almost bald! I think it's pretty but I've realized maybe with thin hair you should do lose hair-do's that will still be elegant.

Amanda Flynn said...

Hannah - Great thoughts! I think Jessica gets away with it, but definitely for thinner hair some fullness is needed, or at least a lot of teasing and product to plump it up. It's important to keep things like that in mind. :)

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