Sunday, February 16, 2014

Curly Hair Inspiration: Lorde

I'm a curly girl, and I love curly hair. In a world of blowdryers and flatirons, I think there's nothing so beautiful as natural, messy, super curly hair. Musical sensation Lorde happens to posses locks as untamed as her music, and right now I'm loving both of them. 

Naturally curly girls can get this look by applying some mousse or styling foam to their wet hair and letting it air dry. A lot of scrunching, teasing, and roughing up throughout the day will continue to keep your hair big and wild.

If your hair is straight, try braiding it at night in lots of little braids and taking it out the next day for a full, wavy look. You can also touch it up with rollers or a curling wand.

Three cheers for big hair! Do you wear your curls with this much attitude?

Images: Pinterest


Robert Clark said...

Nice Hair Style. your Hair Style looking so beautiful.

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Raquel Z. Duarte said...

Lorde is beautiful. And her hair is ridiculously gorgeous.
I have naturally very wavy hair, and speaking of braiding it, I JUST finished French-braiding it so that when I let it loose tomorrow, it'll have a bit of curl and bounce to it;)

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