Wednesday, June 25, 2014

T & J Wedding

I did my second wedding on the 1st of February of this year. It was a fun and fast paced morning!

I arrived not really knowing how many bridesmaids or flower girls I would be styling (there were at least 2 other women doing hair along with me, since the bridal party was huge,) but ended doing 4 bridesmaids, a flower girl, AND the bride, in just 5 hours. So thankful to have my awesome assistant Clara, and lots of happy bridesmaids!

I made a wedding dress for this beautiful sister of the bride last summer... and here she's very pregnant, and smiling while I tease her hair to death. In the second photo I styled the girls on the left and right.

(I love the fact that I have some pictures of the crazily red hair I was sporting that month. I forgot how bright it was!)

I was asked last minute, "Can you do the bride's hair?" 

Sure, why not? Who needs to do a bridal hair trial, anyway? Just bring on the hairspray!

Such a calm and unfussy bride on the morning of her wedding... it made the last minute updo so easy!

Hoping for lots more opportunities like this in the near future... 

Photos courtesy of Brian Fournier Photography

Monday, June 23, 2014

Moving Forward...

June has been a busy month.

On the 2nd I finished school, having completed the required 1,000 hours. For the next 2 weeks I studied and packed for State Board, which I took on the 17th. With my license in hand, I wrote and gave a speech for my cosmetology school's graduation on the 20th. (Being the "valedictorian" of my cosmetology class is not the world's greatest honor, but gratifying all the same, especially considering how I studied my tail off for the last 9 months.) And now I'm finishing up my nanny job (after nearly 3 years), working full time as an assistant in my salon, taking further classes, and servicing my own clients.

It's so good to be done. Hopefully, even with my full schedule, I'll be able to post more here in the near future. There's so many exciting things ahead! :)

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