Monday, September 15, 2014

Calling all curls!

So here's a quick update, because things have been crazily busy and I haven't gotten around to posting...

In mid August (after a long night of food poisoning) I took the first step on my dream to becoming a curly hair specialist, completing the one day DevaCurl course for a "Deva Inspired Stylist" certificate, and received hands-on training in the acclaimed Deva Cut as well as education on all Deva products. I can not tell you how great a class it was, from the instructors to the techniques I learned. Robert Nieves was a riot, with his fabulous laugh and fresh attitude. "Let me see, baby. Oh, it's perfect!" (Anyone who calls me "baby," with a Puerto Rican accent will be in my heart forever. ;) And Maxine Green was encouraging and so excited that I was new to the industry. She gave me a slew of products to take home for myself.

Since the class, I've been practicing the cut (love it!), using the products on my own hair (adore them!), and trying to spread the word about the life-changing power of Deva. I'm currently on the lookout for curly girls who would like to try the Deva cut at wildly discounted prices, giving me the opportunity to practice and educate. Once I get this one fully under my belt, it will be on the pricey side, so come and give it a shot while I'm still a junior stylist. ;)

It's been a tremendous few months since finishing school and getting my license. I've had the opportunity to bring my friends, family, and clients into my salon to practice, getting lots of tips and feedback from the other stylists... and I will be starting on the floor within the next few weeks, which is huge. I still would love to practice and give you great deals, so please drop me a line if you're interested in coming in to see me!

I think that's all for now... but there's adventure ahead!

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