About FlyGirl

With the new year of 2014 ahead of me, I decided to launch FlyGirl, the site I'd been dreaming up for years, as a companion to my budding career as a stylist. Hair and beauty have always been fun and exciting pursuits for me, and I became a licensed cosmetologist in June of 2014. My continuing education plans include additional training and certification in curly hair, color analysis, and image consultation. I also am passionate about healthy eating, exercise, organic products, and a natural approach to beauty. Hopefully this site will be a culmination of the things I've learned, and provide you with lots of helpful information and inspiration on the journey to become the best, most beautiful you.

The Name

First of all, it uses the first half of my own last name. "Fly" has been tacked onto I don't know how many Flynn family business endeavors and usernames. (I've been AmandaBFly on Twitter since it's inception.) Secondly, the definition of a "Fly Girl" is one who is cool, up-to-date, and confident. She's the epitome of the big hair, white tee shirt and jean shorts wearing stars of the 1990s. (Gotta love 'em!) Early female pilots, serving in World War II, were referred to as "flygirls." And apparently there's even a comic book super heroine.

Let's face it, every girl (whether she's 8, 18, or 80) deserves to wear a super suit and save the galaxy.

About the Flygirl

I'm a writer and entertainer pursuing a bread in butter career in cosmetology, which just happens to be something I am super passionate about. I work full time in a Medfield, MA salon (send me an email and come get your hair done!), and am continually writing and keeping involved in the performing arts. You can check out some of my fashion-y leanings on my style blog, which I've been keeping since 2008, and follow my writing journey at iWrite.

Contact Me

If you'd like to shoot me an email with a question, comment, or to schedule a salon appointment, please email me at flygirlstyle[at]gmail.com . I'll do my best to get back to you. Thanks so much for your interest!

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